Government Health Insurance

The U.S. Census says that the number of uninsured Americans is at an all time high. They point to many factors as the cause for this. Maybe the economy or decline in employer sponsored plans. A chief reason could be the rising cost of insurance premiums.

There are several Government funded programs that American’s should be aware of. Maybe this can help the staggering number of uninsured in America. Many people do not think they are eligible. You may be surprised. Many families and individuals are eligible.

All of these programs have requirements that must be met to become eligible. With a few resources and explantions, you will find here you can determine if yourself or someone you know could benefit from one of these programs.

Medicare is the largest health insurance program in the US. Most everyone knows that it will cover anyone over 65. But did you know it will also cover some people under 65 with certain disabilities. And for those individuals that are batteling Renal Failure.

You can contact your local Social Security office for more details on Medicare. you can find out about Part A & Part B. Basically Part A is free and is the Hospital portion of the insurance. Part B is monthly fee that gives medical Insurance.

Medicaid is a State administered program for low income individuals and their families. Each state has it’s own guidelines for eligibility. And a single person of a family could be eligible, even if all others are not. You would want to visit your local Department of Human Services for more information.

CHIP or Children Health Insurance Plan is another State administered plan. This plan is limited to children. It provides affordable dental and medical benefits for the child. There are income standards and the child must be younger than 18.

These are the 3 main options that are federally funded health insurance programs. If you do not meet the eligibility for one of these programs you can find affordable plans through a private health insurance carrier as well.