How Happiness Can Make You Live Longer

Long life is one thing that most of us wish and hope for. As much as life expectancy is as a result of a wide range of factors like hereditary, one can control the factors that can either reduce or increase the life span. For example, it is a no brainer that smoking and taking drugs can reduce the average life span.

For this reason, it is advisable that you do things that would make you live longer; one of which is staying happy at all times. Happiness is the most effective way to stay in a healthy mental state for a long period of time. For this reason, there is a significant relationship between living long and happiness. If you seek to find ways to increase your life on earth, happiness can help you achieve it. In the top three ways below, you will understand how this works.

Immunity Booster

Staying happy can help you boost your immune system. Happiness has a significant effect on your immunity because of the actions in the hypothalamic axis that helps to regulate all the hormones and stress level in the entire body system. When it is at control, your immune system becomes stronger. When this happens, you automatically prevent common illnesses like cold, body aches and all forms of chest infections from attacking your body, thereby making you increase your life span.

Stress Level Reduction

In most cases, unhappy people are those who undergo several levels of stress on a daily basis. When you are stressed out, you expose your body system to all forms of illnesses, especially illnesses that have to do with some vital organs in the body. In essence, going through stress can make you develop heart and brain related ailments. In most cases, these ailments are terminal. When you are happy, stress becomes far away from you. To achieve maximum happiness, live with those you love and work at a job you love. This would make going to work and going back home a win-win situation, which would in turn reduce your stress level and make you live longer.

Pain Reduction

Sometimes, when you have a condition that leaves your joints and bones inflamed, staying happy can help you minimize the pain level you will go through. Having a positive mind can reduce the effects of this illness in your body. Allowing the pain take a hold of your thinking can cause a spike in your blood pressure, and may even cause you to develop hypertension. However, being happy somewhat reduces the perception of pain and give you a positive mind all through.

Being happy obviously has a lot of benefits for your health. From letting you stick to a healthy lifestyle, to helping you eliminate stress when you need to, happiness can make you live longer. From this moment on, prioritize your happiness and leave out things that make you said. Not only would it improve you as a person, but it would also add to the number of years you will spend on earth.