How to engage your kids at Home this Rainy Season

Monsoon has started in full swing and kids love to play in rains, so much so that they even convince their parents for a small shower in the rain. This rainy season, not only brings a lot of fun and excitement among children, but is also the reason for various diseases with cold and cough being most common among them at night. It’s advised to keep children away from rain and when you have kids who bounce off the walls, plan out for activities indoors that can keep them engaged even during the heavy rains.

Following are the few activities that you can try out for your children at your comfort level.

Tent House:

Belief or not Tent House is loved by all age groups including children in the age group of 3 to 12 year olds. If you don’t have a ready to make tent house at home, prepare one using colorful blankets, bed sheets and quilts: Kids love to see beautiful colors around them. Make sure the size of the tent is big enough for your child and allows him to stretch his arms in all directions conveniently. You can plan a lot of activities in the tent-like allowing kids to do art and craft, painting and coloring. You can even serve lunch/dinner in the tent to children and can accompany them to increase their level of happiness.


Children of all ages love cooking so let them assist you in cooking the delicious food of their choice. Remember that children will show interest only if you cook and bake their favorite stuff. Give them ownership of small things like supplying you the food items, garnishing the food, decorating the deserts/cookies, mixing salad etc.

Story Telling:

Many children, especially the preschoolers, enjoy listening to various stories. You can make use of the monsoon season and narrate a story related to it. Story telling is an art and involves the usage of different types of tones and sounds. A bed time story is different from a story that is narrated during the day time as the whole idea of narrating a story is to keep the kids engaged by having a two way interaction.

Art and Craft:

Chose art and craft that is more related to the season i.e., Monsoon. Help your children making boats from the newspapers or let them make a cut out of the boat with materials easily available at home like cardboard box and thermocol sheets. As a second step, let them also paint the objects using their imagination.

Sometimes, you simply cannot have enough ideas for rainy days. Here are a few extra ideas: Paint fingernails, puppet shows, act out of play, have an indoor picnic, play dough etc. You can also read more activities to engage children at home.