Kaiser Medicare: The Best Plan to Cover your Health Needs

One must qualify for Medicare part A to be an eligible candidate for Kaiser Medicare. Also, you have to be enrolled in Medicare part B so that you can be allowed to register on the events for open enrollment.

Kaiser not only provides Medicare health plans, it also provides the medical care and integrates your coverage and care into a single location so it may be easily retrieved by any provider in the network, or by you online. Pharmacists, nurses, doctors, and lab techs can all input data into your Kaiser medical record and be kept apprised of changes in your condition and prescriptions.

Kaiser facilities can be visited for your health management once you enroll in a Kaiser Medicare plan. You can be advised to have lab works done and obtain medicines from the pharmacy. The results of your lab works can be accessed when you log into your account and view your electronic medical record.

Coverage for medical care, hearing, vision, dental, and even hospitalization are provided by Kaiser Medicare. Your test results and prescribed medicines can be viewed on your electronic medical record and you can be allowed to reorder medicines or print copies of your prescription and lab results for your own use or for medical visits.

As long as the medical practitioner is part of the Kaiser Permanente network, you can always choose your preferred primary doctor and doctors for second opinions. Online wellness tools and healthy living sessions are also offered online. Moreover, online scheduling of appointments, ordering of medications, research of medical info and use of health calculators and widgets are enabled by the Kaiser website.

The doctors or facilities that you have to use are only those affiliated with the Kaiser Permanente network or else the charges for those utilized beyond the network will not be shouldered. However, if you are a resident of DC, Virginia, Ohio, or Maryland or if you have the Medicare Plus plan, you can visit any doctor provided standard Medicare rates are paid. Additionally, most plans will shoulder the expenses for emergency medical treatment when you travel.

It is important to understand each plan before selecting one that suits your lifestyle and health condition because depending on which plan you select and your residence area, variations in the Kaiser Medicare plan exist. Remember that plans can only be altered yearly during open enrollment.

There are great benefits that Kaiser Medicare plan offers. First, all your pertinent data are automatically kept updated in the electronic patient record, which can be accessed by each of your health providers anytime. Further, you can also be allowed to access your medical record so that you are aware of all the info about your health condition.