Stay Healthier and Stronger with Proper Diets and Exercise

(Good Diets + Exercise = Healthy Living)


Benefits of Balanced Diets and Exercises To Your Health

(Good Diets + Exercise = Healthy Living)

One of everyone’s top desire is to stay healthy. This can only come true through your daily choices. Although you cannot control everything, your habits and approach to some aspects of your life greatly affect you either positively or negatively.

Diet and exercise, these are the 2 basic areas we have absolute control, which can enhance our overall health and prevent diseases.

At least 3 hours of medium intensity exercise, a bit of highintensity exercise with some form of aerobic exercises weekly can go a long way to enhance your health. While people differ in terms of dietary needs, Proteins, Fruits & Vegetables, Whole grains, Nuts & Legumes are regarded as generally safe foods.

These foods can complement you exercise if you make them in your daily diet and limit the consumption of empty calories (food with little or no nutritional value). According to the USDA, such food include; cakes, sausages, bacon, cheese, energy drinks, ice cream, pizza, and sodas

 It is best to avoid overly salty foods, sweets, food with trans-fat and excess alcohol. And, the intake of oils, dairy, meats, and poultry should be well balanced with much attention to your calorie count. An individual’s calorie count and requirement differ based on the age, size, physical activity level, and gender.

Some of the benefits of balanced diets and exercises to your health include:

Disease Prevention

The body immune system is highly complex. Healthy diets and exercise are the only factors that will keep the immune system functioning properly for you to live longer and healthier.

Wise choices of diets complemented with exercises can boost your body’s detoxification ability and also helps the immune system to fight various disease.

Contrary to this, wrong choices of diets and lack of exercise can expose you to various diseases such as; Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Stroke, Heart disease, High blood pressure, different types of cancer and even depression/obesity.

Weight Control

Research has proven that weight is a key factor that contributes to high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol in the blood and other health complications.

But a healthy diet and routine exercise have also been proven to keep body fat low and regulate body weight. When you move your body, calories are burnt and healthy diet restores fewer calories. Invariably, the fewer calories you take and the more you burn is an easier way to lose and control weight.

Mood Control

Most forms of exercises are confirmed to release endorphins from the brain. Endorphins are chemicals responsible for making you feel positive, happy and relaxed. They also help to stabilize mood swings.

Mental Health Improvement

Remember that the overall mental health of an individual is dependent on proper diets and exercise. Proper diets and exercises are both known to reduce stress and increase brain activity, mental alertness, raise self-esteem and reduce depression.


Sleep is seen as a major concern for millions of people globally. Without much medication or cost, proper diets and exercise can positively influence your sleeping habits.

Particularly, exercise is noted to have a direct impact on your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep comfortably. You can enhance sleeping by avoiding eating right before bedtime or exercising heavily. With this, the restless and sleepless night can be conquered.

Increased Energy

Typically, cardiovascular exercise helps in the circulation of oxygen throughout the body. This helps to enhance the efficiency of the heart and lungs.

In consequence, the healthier and more efficient your heart and lungs are, the more energy will be generated and made available in your body.

Balanced diets rich in vitamins and minerals are the only sources that will always provide you the energy to function properly. If you are energy conscious, avoid sugar, high-fat food and caffeine that may seem to provide the highest energy throughout the day. Eat food rich in lean protein, complex carbohydrate, and essential fatty acid.