Things your health insurance covers that you probably didn’t know about

With the exception of a few states, now, you NEED to have health insurance. If you are paying for it in any case, you need to make sure that you are getting the most out of your money.

A large number of people don’t really know all the things their policies cover. Plans and coverage vary but it is definitely worth investigating to find out all the benefits your policy can help you get. Here are a few things you probably didn’t know your health insurance covers:

Diapers for children who are 3+

Having a child who is older than the age of 3 and is not potty trained can be emotionally challenging. If your child has a learning delay or any disability, you can get your diapers for free. That’s right, Medicaid covers them.

When we say disability, we specifically mean Down’s syndrome and Autism; however, a learning delay is a much broader term. Perhaps your child has poor motor skills or they aren’t communicating normally – both of these things can lead to problems when it comes to potty training your children. Remember to talk to your doctor at your child’s 3rd year visit to have them write a prescription and secure free diapers.


If you are in desperate need of a massage, it might be covered in your policy as well, especially if you are dealing with back pain, were in a serious accident or visit a chiropractor regularly. Even if you don’t have pain or don’t visit a physiotherapist regularly, you can still talk to your healthcare provider about your pain and learn if they can help you with a prescription to cover body massages.

Gym Membership

Your health insurers want you to be healthy so that you don’t file as many claims. The fewer claims they pay out, the more money they can take home. Consequently, many private insurers offer gym memberships. While some work with specific gyms to cover all monthly charges, others might be able to help you get a sweet discount. It depends on the type of health insurance in NYC that you opt for.

On the other hand, if your child needs a prescription formula like Nutramigen, it may be covered too. Typically, this coverage is in the form of reimbursements.

It is always advised to contact your policy provider regarding detailed information about any of the above mentioned coverage policies. Read more on health insurance benefits you probably don’t know about.