United States Government Invests in Nation’s Electronic Health Records

In an effort to digitize the health care industry, the government recently revealed $ 1.2 billion in federal grants for health care providers to transition to electronic health records systems, according to The Washington Post. This is the first wave of funding under a health care reform plan that is aimed at cutting costs and improving overall care in the future. This new reform plan has encouraged health care providers, physicians, and technology companies who will provide support for such a transition.

The new push for implementing electronic health records systems is a crucial step in overhauling the nation’s increasingly expensive health care system. An additional $ 36 billion in landmark stimulus legislation will be allocated to generate adoption of the equipment by doctors and hospitals as well as the networks that will link them together. Half of the grant will help establish 70 technology-extension centers that will assist the hospitals and other health care providers in implementing the electronic health records systems. Doctors, hospitals and other health care providers will also receive reimbursements for the equipment they purchase before 2015. According to the Obama Administration, the universal adoption of electronic health technology could save more than $ 77 billion a year.

The goal of universally digitizing doctors’ offices will hinge on how well small-office physician practices transition to digital records. Accordingly to NYTimes.com, three-fourths of the nation’s physicians practice medicine in offices with 10 or fewer doctors. The challenge is lessened by technology companies’ push to bring electronic health records into small practices. These small practices can benefit financially because of reduced paperwork and automated billing provided by electronic health records. They can also receive up to $ 44,000 per doctor in reimbursements for demonstrating “meaningful use” of a “certified” electronic health records system. The incentive payments are intended to reimburse doctors for much of the initial investment in electronic health records.

Simplifying and improving the health care system is one of the most critical and dynamic situations the nation faces in the immediate future. Too many facilities have been resistant to change and their patients are suffering the consequences. It is time to update your facility’s medical records system to meet the needs of society and its technologies.

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