Video: How to Have True Heart Health

Life ends, when the heart stops working. It means one can claim heart is life. This makes it the most important organ of the human body. Naturally, special care should be taken regarding the maintenance of heart health or cardiac health. It is here to mention that heart health, like any other health, is completely in the hands of the concerned person. Upon taking care of certain fundamental aspects as explained below, cardiac health can be thoroughly maintained.

Exercise daily

The simplest possible step one can take towards cardiac health is doing regular exercise. It addresses the whole range of factors that affect heart health, be it about regulating blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, etc. Moreover, regular exercise addresses the mental health issues as well; those have been among the prominent issues behind affected heart health in the past few years.

Check hypertension level

It is recommended to keep the blood pressure level under control to keep heart health under control. Hypertension has been one of the foremost reasons for cardiac arrests. Specifically, the cases where people are becoming the victims of heart attack, simply being ignorant about their hypertension level, or not checking it in a timely fashion is increasing.

It is thus advised that people after 40 should regularly go for a blood pressure check-up to ensure the cardiac health is under control. Increasing blood pressure level adds stress on the heart muscles, making it weaker and denser. There remains the possibility of blood vessels within the brain to collapse and thus to cause a stroke.   

Avoid smoking and alcohol

Habits like alcohol and smoking should be kept as minimal as it is possible. Over consumption of these things leads to increased blood pressure level. Things can be even worse in the case of women. People having hypertension issues prior should entirely quit these habits.

Lower salt and sugar intake

One should keep salt intake under control, and so the sugar intake level. Salt is one of the prime reasons behind hypertension issues. One can keep hypertension under control simply by minimizing the salt intake. One should keep the salt intake under 4 grams to avoid health threats. Similarly, keeping sugar level under check, one can control diabetes, hypertension, and thus the threats of cardiac health.           

It is advised to keep check of the cholesterol level regularly for good cardiac health. At the same time, one must enjoy at least 7-8 hours of perfect sleep for good heart health.