Video: Mayo Clinic Minute: National Health Check-Up

The Mayo Clinic National Health check-up takes the pulse of wellness ideas and behaviors, and the results are inspiring. In 2016 ninety-six per cent of Americans were looking to be healthier. Eating better and exercising top the list of how men and women both get better with health. The data presented by the experts shows that while 56% of women schedule a cancer screening with a doctor, only 26% of the male population plans a visit for a check-up. Doctors at Mayo Clinic suggest men should go more often for screening for early detection of diseases if any.

Barriers for Healthy and Happy life

Mayo Clinic defined these four as barriers that restrict the Americans for leading a happy and healthy life. They are:

Work Schedule

Caring for others

Cost of Health Food

Lack of sleep

The health professionals at Mayo Clinic interact with the patients, empower them, and educate them on better ways to lead a healthier and happier life.