Why exercise is a must for a fit body?

I wish I have a fit body too, how nice it feels to be a fit body. There is no justification to be happy by feeling this thought. For this one has to work hard, we have to mold ourselves in that form. It is said that exercise regularly keeps healthy, both mind and body. And what prevents us from doing this? Our obesity, this makes us disappointed, all this makes us sit before we work hard.

We again talk about weight loss because without losing weight you cannot get a fit body. In the cycle of excess weight loss, you follow a variety of dieting plans, which do not reduce weight, but there is definitely a weakness. And our body dreams of fitness go 2 miles further.

To get 2 more miles, what to do then?

The only correct answer is exercise. Daily exercise will not only bring energy to the body, but it can also help in controlling weight. And it is said that a happy person is fit, this is the reason why exercise makes you happy and relax inside. Exercising affecting every part of the body ensures that all the organs remain active and function properly.

Middle Line,” Both over-exercise and under-exercise is harmful to health, how much should be done, it depends on our physical strength.”

What should and how much we Exercise for effective results?

How much exercise to do depends entirely on your physical strength. But every workout has its own standard time, which if done well for that time, they benefit. Let’s discuss what are some easy exercises that you can do at home too.

Running Or Walking

Of course you can also go to the treadmill, but open and fresh air walk also has its benefits, it gives positive results from many directions, it is one of most preferred exercise in the category of easy exercises at home to lose weight fast.

Time – 15 to 20 minutes


Yoga is also considered to be the best exercise for weight loss. In the morning, these exercises with fresh air not only make a difference in the outer body but also positive inner change can also be felt.

Time – 15 to 30 minutes


It comes in the category of strength exercises due to body weight on the legs in squats. With the arrival of body weight, joint reflexes in hips and knees emphasized. This is considered as the best workout exercise for warm-up.

Time – 3 sets of 10 – 20 squats (if you are new to this)


Set-ups are not so much on the belly but help al lot in reducing fat. The body can burn up to 60 calories in 10 minutes of regular proper sit-ups, due to impact on the abdominal area. This is a great exercise for reducing extra fat.

Time – 2 sets of 10 – 20 squats (begin with low)


The lunges have been considered the best workout for fitness. It is bended by placing one leg forward on the claw and the other behind on the knee, the athletes perform this as there warm-up. This exercise is quite popular by bringing muscle activation.

Time – 10 to 15 minutes


This is one of the best exercises, really successful in giving desired results, this exercise not only helps in reduce weight but also keeps the lower body active.

Time – At least 10 minutes.


Dance is the best way to burn calories, it keeps body active and mood refreshed. The only joyous exercise that everyone loves to do.

Time – 10 to 20 minutes (Or as much as you want to do)

It is enough to get a fit body?

Doing the above exercises daily, will not only keep your body fit but also these easy exercises at home to lose weight fast will bring a new positivity and confidence by reducing your excessive weight. Exercise regularly keep healthy and body active, and also brings effectiveness in the mental strength and keeps energetic. And that’s what the fit body looks like.

Is there any other way than this?

In the end, it will be the case that there is no other way apart from hard work. We will keep ourself miles away from fit body until we push ourselves for exercise. A workout is the only option for a fit body and which exercise should be done, we have discussed here, although how long to exercise, it completely depends on your ability, of course this effective and easy exercises at home to lose weight fast will groom your body to complete fit body.