Why to Chose Numis Network Rather Than the 4800 Other Network Marketing Companies Out There

After some serious struggles in the network marketing industry, it started wearing on me and I started questioning my loyalties to my network marketing company that I was with at the time. I started searching for answers and ran across a new mlm company that seemed almost too good to be true. What I found was Numis Network and I fell in love instantly and will share 4 reasons why I fell in love. Before I get too far into my love story, let me tell you a little bit about Numis Network .

Numis Network is a new company that launched in August of 2009 by 3 savvy businessmen; Chris Kent, Jake Kevorkian and Ian Cordell. With over 20 years of experience in the network marketing industry, they had a goal to build a new mlm company that would stand out and become the best and they are on track to do so.

Numis Network is the first ever network marketing company to promote graded gold and silver numismatic coins. The vision is to become the largest retailer of certified and graded precious metal coins in the world. All numismatic means is the study and collecting of money. Numis specializes in the highest grade coins by leading government mints throughout the world. They are then certified by the most trusted coin grading service like ANACS, NGC and PCGS. So after learning about this company here are the 4 things that really drew me in hook, line, and sinker:

Unique Product line:

There are over 4,800 active network marketing companies in the world and over 4,200 of them are for some sort of nutrition. Don’t get me wrong; I think that nutrition and health and wellness are very important, but selling a selection of overpriced consumables in a saturated market was not my idea of making money easily. I saw Numis Network as something very unique in the sense that it is the only company doing numismatic coins. No one else has this niche! Plus the product IS money and who doesn’t want that? It is an asset, not a consumable. My attraction was growing into LOVE at this early stage.

Timing of Company:

They say that timing is everything. Well, this is a new mlm company. It just had its very first birthday this month. Anyone who knows anything about network marketing knows that you are better off making it bigger in the front end rather than in the tale end of the company. And in a binary compensation plan, timing is everything. There are just over 10,000 executives in this company and it is growing at leaps and bounds. This was very exciting and the love just keeps getting stronger as I watch my business grow.


Leaders are not just born that way, they have to practice skill and have to have the drive to be good leaders. I have never in my life seen greater leadership than from the people who are at the helm of the Numis Network ship. Not only are Chris, Ian and Jake very “hands on” with the representatives, but the top executives are true team players who care enough about the new players to be role models and help them out in any capacity necessary just short of running their business for them.

The great thing about this new mlm company is they take ideas and teach new reps coming on board how to use attraction marketing techniques and give them tools to help generate business. My last opportunity unfortunately lacked in this area as they were only teaching traditional face to face, hotel and house meeting network marketing. Numis Network wants people to be successful and really seems to understand that network marketing is changing from face to face to the internet. So they teach both.


The compensation for this new mlm company can only be described as crazy. Numis Network pays in a binary fashion which helps and motivated everyone on the team. They pay several different ways including retail sales commission and bonuses for adding team members. This was the first network marketing company I was in that I was NOT in the red after one month. So this was another reason I fell madly and passionately in love with Numis Network.

All in all, there are some serious pluses with Numis Network as a new mlm company. But like any network marketing company, I would encourage you to do your own research to make sure you have found your perfect soul mate.