Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion Programs in Canada

A graduate certificate program in workplace wellness and health promotion prepares students for careers in corporate wellness, community health and promotion, and private practice. It helps them develop an understanding and skills in

1.) Wellness program design and management
2.) Psycho-social and physical health issues analysis
3.) Mental health management
4.) Nutrition management
5.) Wellness and health program planning

The course focuses on helping students learn to bring a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to workplace wellness and community health promotion. Upon course completion, they are capable of providing wellness coaching to employees at an organization, designing and implementing health promotion and wellness programs and building strategies to promote health at workplace.

In addition, they also learn to implement and manage programs in accordance with organizational policies and procedures. They also acquire essential communication skills needed to become effective wellness and health promotion managers in the corporate world.

Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion Programs in Canada

Centennial College’s one-year, certificate program in workplace wellness and health promotion is Canada’s first postgraduate wellness program with a respected national and international reputation. The program is recognized by leading employers in the country.

The wellness and health promotion program covers a wide range of subjects through two semesters. The general multi-disciplinary and specific subjects help them build a strong theoretical foundation in health and wellness concepts at workplace. They study health promotion theory and understand how to integrate wellness, program planning and health promotion.

The one-year program focuses on helping students learn to assess health risk factors, develop health and wellness plans and strategies and promote individual and organizational well being. The program also incorporates an intensive field placement which provides students with valuable and relevant work experience and excellent networking opportunities.

Career Prospects

The graduates of health and wellness programs in Toronto can find employment as wellness coordinators, health promotion consultants or program managers in almost all industry verticals. However, major employers include hospitals, healthcare institutions, community care centers, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labour, manpower service companies, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health, regional public health departments, regional police departments, colleges and universities and companies with national and international business operations.

The career prospects in community health promotion and workplace wellness seem bright. It is an emerging field. However, to build a rewarding career, individuals need to have a strong understanding of corporate wellness and excellent business and communication skills. A formal education and training in health and wellness is the only way to seek employment in this field.

Admission Requirements

In order to apply for this program, students will need to submit a college diploma or university degree in any discipline and a proof of English proficiency. After admission and before completing the program, they are also required to complete an annual clear police check with vulnerable screening, a recognized course in CPR and a recognized course in Standard First Aid.

The applications can be submitted online, by mail as well as in person. International students can also apply directly to the college. Individuals who have been laid off or are in need of training can also apply for this course through the Second Career Strategy.